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Eileen’s grounded approach to sound healing, her extensive knowledge of the biofield and her straightforward and compassionate approach make her unique. Her work with me has helped clear the path for my most productive and satisfying future.

– Karen Leland, author The Brand Mapping Strategy: Design, Build and Accelerate Your Brand

My wife and I have benefitted greatly from our three sessions with Eileen. We’ve both worked with a wide variety of healing modalities over the years, and feel that Eileen’s Biofield Tuning process is among the one or two very best and most effective we’ve ever encountered – certainly the results it can achieve are the most dramatic and immediate.

– Gerry Treacy



Since my last session with you, I’m really beginning to feel more motivated to do the things I’ve been wanting to do for so long. I’m initiating social outings, I joined the gym (and have been there almost every day this week), I am speaking up more at work, and I just feel an overall sense of confidence which makes me feel more calm. I think things are going to continue to get better from here. I really feel like I can live up to my full potential now. Before, something was holding me back and making me feel “stuck.” This is awesome!

– Jillian Monack

I am a 78 year old male development engineer who has had back problems with discomfort and pain for over thirty years. Two accidents, half a century of running and over fifty five years of skiing has taken its toll. Without going into anatomical details, the focal point of my discomfort that compromised any movement or athletic performance was a trigger point near the right superior iliac crest.

Both my neighbor who is a yoga teacher and my daughter recommended I have a session with Eileen McKusick. I entered my first treatment as a skeptic and left the session with some doubt. I must confess that the next morning where I normally would arise with pain or discomfort in that area, the trigger point was non existent. I was flabbergasted. The trigger point which bothered me 24/7 had literally disappeared.

In an effort to explain the phenomenon, I reminded myself that everything is cyclical ranging from our cells to distant galaxies. This type of treatment may well generate a healing response in the human body.

I now have an occasional ‘tune up’ to prevent any reoccurrence.

– Jim Santos

I have worked with healers from both coasts and studied in Sedona, the Mecca of the healing arts, and by far Eileen understands the human energy body and how true healing takes place more deeply and intuitively then any I’ve met.

– Peter Eichler

Distance sound healing (Vermont to Australia):
Most of my distance sound session with Eileen was calm and relatively uneventful, except for – what seemed like at the time – an inexplicable elevation of my mood and general outlook which became apparent over the last ten minutes of the session. I felt better emotionally and mentally than I had in years, it seemed! Certainly this was a boon considering how I had been feeling in the lead up to our session (it had been a time of personal crisis, you might say). In the days after my long-distance session with Eileen I noticed a rapid improvement in the chest soreness/injury that had been niggling me for several weeks. Since then I have been able to work out at the gym without pain – either during or after – a massive improvement!

The psychological change that has stood out the most post-session is that I feel freer to be who and what I really am – as if I don’t need to try to blend in with others as much as I may have thought.

Additionally, Eileen’s rundown of the session as she experienced it at her end it was a source of utter fascination for me. She shared insights into me that were undeniably accurate and profound – and which, minus her higher sense perception, she had no way of knowing. This is an old soul with the talents and knowledge to help heal the world. Highly recommended.

– Brendan D. Murphy, author of “The Grand Illusion: A Synthesis of Science and Spirituality”

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I expected to have a pleasant energetic tune up, but the extent of the uncovering and healing that Eileen conducted was a complete surprise and delight. My sessions with Eileen have been profoundly life changing. She revealed parts within my energy field that I had left for dead and she helped me to revive them and re-engage them. These were positive aspects of my true self that, once re-energized, have helped me greatly in my daily life. She also helped me to work with my shadows in a good way and with positive results.

I now feel and walk differently than when I first entered her office, am more aware of how I operate, more confident and more willing to take the risks that keep life moving forward. With Eileen’s encouragement I have “walked empty handed into the void” and I feel clear, empowered, spacious, calm and joyful; less subject to the circumstances of my life or my reactions to them. This has been so much more than a temporary fix or band-aid, Eileen has given me the information and the tools to carry this momentum forward. I feel so lucky and grateful to have found her and her work.”

– Peter Meyer

I’ve been seeing a massage therapist regularly for years due to a bad back and more recently worked with a psychotherapist to resolve some long term emotional issues. After only 4 sessions with Eileen and through her insights both physical and psychological, I’ve healed significantly and gained a self-awareness that is long-term and profound. The sound balancing therapy is both subtle and solid . She is truly a master of a technique that is at the leading edge of the healing arts.

– George Russell

I recommend sound balancing, especially when faced with a condition that defies more conventional treatment. Eileen McKusick was able to help me find relief from a chronic condition that was not suitably treatable with more conventional western methods. I want to start out by saying that I am not opposed to conventional western medicine; I find the scientific methods of western medicine rational and in most cases reasonable. However when faced with a condition labeled “idiopathic” by conventional western practitioners, I am not one to accept western medicine’s shortcomings as an excuse for ongoing suffering on my part.

This was the situation I found myself in when diagnosed with Chronic Idiopathic Uticaria (Chronic Hives), which my allergist explained as a form of auto-immune disorder that had no known cause and no known prevention. Interpreting auto-immune as a form of imbalance, and aware of Eileen McKusick’s work, I decided to try sound balancing as an alternative to the ineffective pharmaceutical cocktail my allergist had me on. After the first session nearly all my symptoms were gone. After three sessions my symptoms are only memories. I can’t say that I am cured as this is (was?) a chronic condition and only time will tell, but I can say without hesitation that working with Eileen over a period of two weeks has provided me with complete relief that I was unable to find after working with my allergist for several years.

– Jim Lipinski

I had a multitude of very serious and death defying work accidents by the time I was 27. I suffered, but found no relief as over the decades I’ve had over a thousand doctor visits and the cumulative effect just kept taking its effect on body and soul.

This past May a friend told me about Eileen and thought it might help as I was having a lot of trouble walking and in intense pain and anxiety. I was amazed Eileen could tell me about injuries that I did not mention to her. I couldn’t believe the difference Eileen made, not only physical, but in my general well being. I wish I could have found this treatment 30 years ago. Eileen can do nothing but make your life better and I highly recommend her as I am very glad I was sent to her too.

– Bob Edebohls

As a body and energy worker, I am very particular about practitioners and who I let work on my own body. I find the sound therapy Eileen practices the most effective and fulfilling of all forms of energy balancing. The feedback received from the tuning forks is both informative and easily assimilated.

When combined with Eileen’s intuitive skill and knowledge, every treatment is a new adventure. Eileen is a pioneer in this work, and those lucky enough to receive her treatments should consider themselves very fortunate. I recommend Eileen and her work to anyone without hesitation.

– Holly Rochefort

Eileen McKusick is a highly gifted practitioner. We never fail to receive her work when we are in Vermont. Her sound therapy is sensitive, subtle and powerful all at the same time. Her work for us is a spiritual experience.

– Julie and Dale McNitt
authors Bhakti Energy Work For Enlightenment

Eileen helped me get through a devastating life change this summer using sound therapy. Her insights are dead on. Her techniques are amazing. If you have not tried sound therapy yet you are missing a total healing experience.

– Lesa Cathcart

A friend told me about Eileen about a year ago and I went purely out of curiosity. I went in with an open mind, but absolutely no idea of what to expect. I was completely blown away. I had never before found anything quite so satisfying in my search for wellness…a session with Eileen is physically, emotionally, and spiritually healing. I turn to Eileen and Sound Therapy now for support in all of those areas. I find it very difficult to describe the experience and can only advise anyone and everyone to give it a try; whether for physical ailments, emotional distress, or simply to help you feel clearer and more balanced. Simply put, Eileen has a gift and Sound Therapy works.

– Kara Hunt

The work that Eileen does is almost indescribable because it is so gentle and subtle yet extremely effective. Whether it be a physical ailment, turbulent emotions, everyday stress or a distorted childhood belief creeping up on me, the vibrational energy in combination with her intuition provide relief and comfort on a profoundly healing level. I adore her work and highly recommend it to all.

– Amy Kelly

You will be saying “Wow!” for weeks. I absolutely, without hesitation, recommend this work to anyone and everyone.

– Terrie Look

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