What happens in a distance session?


When people first started to ask me if I could do this work at a distance, my answer was, “Of course I can’t, I use sound waves on the body. This is physics, people”. And that is what I firmly believed until one of my mentors, Dr. Karl Maret (who wrote the Foreword of my book) convinced me to try a distance session on him.

He lay down in California and pretended he was on my table in Vermont. I approached my treatment table with my tuning forks as if he was really there. And much to my amazement, the same patterns of changing tones and resistance and distortion that I encounter around a physical  body presented themselves, as if he was really there.

I was able to read the story encoded vibrationally in his energy body – the periods of his life at which he had gone through considerable stress, the parts of his body that were under-functioning or problematic, specific injuries and the ages they occurred – and also treat those issues as well. He reported feeling things moving in his body as we were working and then reported a state change and relief from symptoms after the session.

This is truly one of those areas where my inner skeptic was completely in doubt of the feasibility of such a feat and then completely blown away when I saw with my own eyes and felt with my own senses what my experience of it was. Even as I started to do a few more and had the same outcomes, it was still hard to swallow. Not only that – in the beginning, I didn’t really like doing them.

I am a people person and one of the things I like about my work is that I get to interface with folks when they are on the table. In the distance work, I work without being in touch, take notes, and then call when I am done. I don’t really like talking on the phone either. So it took me a while to actually warm up to doing them, for various reasons.

Now, however, I really enjoy doing the distance work. It is terrifically intriguing to read someone without getting any feedback from them whatsoever about my impressions until we get on the phone at the end, and I prefer to not know much if anything going into the session. That way the “body” can reveal what is relevant without me approaching without any bias or expectation.

But how does the body reveal it when there is no body there? That is a really good question! First of all, does it really reveal it or am I good guesser? Ha ha. Here is what some clients have to say:

Eileen’s rundown of the session as she experienced it at her end it was a source of utter fascination for me. She shared insights into me that were undeniably accurate and profound – and which, minus her higher sense perception, she had no way of knowing.


I have studied other tuning fork protocols personally but none can compare with what Eileen has developed and I have first hand knowledge of her magical ( I don’t use that word lightly) distant healing work. Wow!  I can feel her gently working in my field and can attest to many healings including a huge stiffness and pain reduction in my chronically inflamed neck!  She kindly shares what she ” sees” in my field that noone could possibly know ( and we haven’t even met) and shes amazingly accurate.
The information Ms McKusick reads from working with my biofield at a distance is accurate and detailed even though we are physically thousands of miles apart. So far I have experienced a good cognitive shift. Simple daily tasks (like writing this quote)that used to be almost impossible, now flow more easily. Biofield Tuning is the first healing modality that has produced lasting beneficial change for me. And I have tried many, from western medicine to complimentary medicine to alternative medicine. So far it is the only technology that works on a deep enough level to assist me in true healing.
My experience with long distance sound therapy has been life changing. During a session there will be strange thoughts and sensations but mostly I feel waves of stress melting. I’ve gotten great feedback from Eileen following a session and its helped me tremendously. Sound therapy has touched me deeply and allowed old wounds to be healed and freeing more life force. I am so grateful for Eileen and her distance work !
I know that’s only four anecdotes, hardly scientific evidence, but maybe for many of you enough evidence for you to see that not only can I read the vibes, I can also shift the vibes, in such a way that it affects not just the mind and emotions but also the physical body.
And what is particularly neat is, at this point, it has actually become more of a science than an art – the reason being that the information present is consistent and predictable. The same pattern of information storage in the biofield anatomy repeats in everyone; the frequency signatures of each emotion, each ailment are the same across the board (at least as far as I have been able to determine so far). It is really all math, and physics. Except for the distance part: our current science doesn’t account for that. So what does then?
The answer, for me anyway, lies in the concept of aether – the deep, connective, holographic medium that is present everywhere throughout the universe, and missing from our contemporary cosmology, which subscribes to the modern notion that aether was disproven in the late 1800’s.
While the term aether has been tossed out of our popular lexicon, the concept of the phenomenon persists, and has been referred to by a great deal of other names, including the zero-point field, the source field, the torsion field, the field, the Akashic field,  or even the Higg’s field, whose definition, “an invisible energy field that exists throughout the universe,” sounds an awful lot like the definition of aether. Information travels through this medium at much faster than light speed, or perhaps even instantaneously due to its holographic nature (meaning the information of the entire field is accessible at any point).
This can potentially explain the mechanics of how distance healing works. Just as I can, with intention, place my awareness now in my left foot, now in my right hand, with no sense of that awareness having to travel in a linear way through my body, my client can place their intention, their awareness, their consciousness, on my treatment table in Vermont.
And I can find it there, through my intention, with my “invisible ink decoders”, my tuning forks – as well as read the vibrational information present, and support it in relaxing into a more coherent and harmonic expression.

Numerous experiments have been conducted that demonstrate that qi gong masters can create healing in one petri dish versus another over great distances, with great precision. Whether we place our awareness in a specific finger of the body or a specific petri dish far away, it is fundamentally the same action. But how does it happen?

It has generally been ruled out that conventional electromagnetism(EM) plays a role, for several reasons. Healing has been successfully conducted in EM-shielded rooms, and over great distances instantaneously, which would not account for the time involved for EM energy to travel. For this reason, it can’t be the medium through which this energy and information travels. There must be a deeper, faster medium.

I have read that in EM-shielded rooms where there has been a biophoton multiplier, an extremely sensitive device that can count the number of biophotons (quanta of low intensity visible light) being emitted by a life-form, “bursts of biophotons” have appeared while the distance healing is being conducted. This would imply to me that consciousness (light) can “go under” in the aether in one spot and “pop out” in another instantly, through intention alone, without having to travel linearly to get there, in much the same way I can be conscious of and energize my right toe and then do the same with my left thumb, without that energy and awareness having to “travel.”
As the nonlocal interconnective medium that unifies us all in real time, aether is the missing link in so-called paranormal phenomena such as remote viewing, distance healing, synchronicities (i.e., meaningful coincidences), and telepathy. I prefer this concept over the more commonly cited “quantum entanglement”. I think both ideas speak to the same phenomena but quantum physics tends to mean different things to different people, whereas the aether theory is more straightforward.
That’s my current hypothesis anyway. I am looking forward to being able to conduct this work with scientific controls in place which may shed more light on the subject. Stay tuned….


(NOTE: Distance Biofield Tuning is contraindicated in people who have complex physical issues or disease diagnoses. It creates an unwinding of symptoms that can present as a “healing crisis” and symptoms can become worse before they get better. Complex issues require multiple treatments to unwind. This work is best suited for people who have emotional/mental/spiritual challenges, feel “stuck” or are exhibiting mild physical symptoms such as mild to moderate pain or anxiety).


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