Group Distance Biofield Tuning is a unique therapeutic process designed to shift patterns and rhythms of the electromagnetic energy that flows through and around your body. Participants call into a group session and recline comfortably at home while listening as it is conducted – Eileen reads, interprets and adjusts the group energy while sharing information she has learned in her 22 years of studying the biofield and 32 years studying health and human potential. It is a combination of coaching, education, and deep energy healing.

While it sounds implausible, and it’s not possible to provide any guarantees, it can produce powerful state shifts for people – read testimonials below. Most participants report experiencing the same kinds of outcomes listening to the recordings (which are sent out immediately after the session) as they do the live calls, so it’s not necessary to be able to make each live call. Watch a video about the process here.

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sessions include Deep Cleaning the Large Intestine, Deep Cleaning the Gall Bladder, Teeth and Jaw, and Exploring Fascia and Connective Tissue


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Connect with Skype, phone or stream from the internet- the connection info will be emailed to you before the scheduled session (not immediately after registering). Calls are recorded and can be listened to at any time – the link to recordings is sent out after the session is complete. Participants have noted that the recordings seem to be as effective as being on the actual call.

Please note: distance Biofield Tuning can be a powerful and effective method for shifting patterns of flow within the electromagnetic field of the body – because of this, it can sometimes produce what is known as a Herxheimer reaction, also known as detox. This usually lasts 1-3 days (though in very rare instances can last up to two weeks) and can be headache, chills, body aches, sore throat, general malaise and other flu-like symptoms. Cancer and other complex illnesses, pregnancy and pacemakers are contraindicated. Biofield Tuning is not a substitute for medical care.


“Your work is amazing!  I have been clearing out sooo much.  I feel lighter and so much more present and powerful in a good way. Huge ancestral clearing.  Huge weight of anxiety, worry and fear lifted.  I feel so good.​

Each session has built on the previous session and clearing.  The momentum increases, the stuck areas are easier to move and less frightening.  Your presence and talking us through the session creates such a safe place to release the old energy and turn it into positive new energy.

I cannot say enough how much I appreciate what you do and how affordable you make it for us to find our way back to balance.  I have so much going on and your offerings have helped me tremendously without putting a financial burden on me.”   Lauren Franciosi

“I’m truly amazed by this highly effective, affordable group healing modality Eileen has created. This is a life altering experience that has to be experienced in order to be fully appreciated.

I feel so clean, clear and balanced after just a few sessions. I didn’t realize so much energetic static was blocking me in my life until it was gone. Now I’m able to deal with the daily challenges that come and accomplish the goals I set without any interference. It’s like the playing field has finally been evened and I can live powerfully and purposefully.

The word “tuning” is a very accurate description. I feel both tuned up and tuned in. Not only that but my rescue cat is much happier and content now as well. He always seems to find me whenever I’m in the middle of a session and highjacks some free biofield tuning for himself. Smart cat!”    Sara Brahman


“Just to say thank you so very much.  I have just listened to the recording of call 3.  I felt so much energy shift through the feet.  When you were working on the right foot I lost count of the many jaw breaking releasing yawns. As someone who has taken part in both live and recorded sessions I can honestly say the recordings are just as powerful, which is fab as I am 5 hours ahead of your time.”     Elaine Tohill

“I am so grateful for the March series of head, neck, and shoulders.  I have had a pain in my neck (not just from my husband!) that went into my shoulder and shoulder blade on the right side since a head on collision in 1985 that caused severe whiplash and concussion.  Also 2 other concussions due to my horse training occupation.  That is gone!  I can also hear better out of that ear.  I tend to have reoccurring tightness when stress hits, but that agonizing discomfort that was always there and woke me up nights is relieved.  So, thank you.  I have sent your website to friends that are amazed at my results.”     Linda Damesek



“I have had some improvement in my digestive tract, my ankle which was broken a year ago is less swollen and more flexible, and I feel calmer and a better sense of well being.  I want to thank you for the help you are dedicated to giving many people.  I enjoy the sessions and they are delivered with your lighthearted, joking and friendly demeanor.  I have been reading your book and it is amazing.  I can’t wait until the training in San Diego.”        Lynne Bush


“Eileen is the Jimi Hendrix of healing, she thinks in non linear ways and creates things that noone else has thought about but as soon as you try them you get that “aha” moment and they slot right into your life. With her pioneering spirit Eileen is making breakthrough after breakthrough and her work is making a difference to someone somewhere all of the time. Eileen offered her abundance series of three sessions for free because she wants to help as many people as possible which is really cool. She could charge $750 and they would still be a bargain. For me this was really powerful work and I noticed how expanded my presence was and how people reacted differently to me, strangers smiled, my wife started being nice to me for the first time in three months, I got promoted at work (several times since my original writing of this)! This could all have been coincidence but my life is just so much better since I stumbled across Eileen’s work just over a year ago and I would urge everyone to sign up for the group sessions and try them, they are amazing value for money and Eileen’s heart is electrifyingly huge and she shares it with integrity and love and it’s changed my life.”     DP


“I listened to all the sessions, with the exception of one, live over the internet. Every session, I felt as if I was actually there in the room with you. I could feel vibrations/heaviness in the areas of my body in which you were working. Frequently I had emotional releases during the sessions (crying) and could feel energy moving up through my body. During your commentary, it was uncanny how you seemed to address my issues directly — wow, amazing! And I do feel like I have started to become unstuck in a couple of major areas in my life — and I have been cleaning and organizing everything around me like crazy (definitely not usual for me!!)”     Susan Richardson

“I don’t know if I am now just more aware of the abundance in my life, and I’m recognizing it and appreciating it more than ever before.  Or if there has been an actual surge in abundant outcomes these last few months…. either way, I’m really happy and grateful for your series because I know it has helped me a lot.  I’ve noticed an increased abundance in many forms – love and support and generosity from my friends, financially (a raise at work and potentially some new freelance jobs on the horizon!), little bonuses I notice popping up in my day-to-day more frequently”.     Jessica R

“I was beyond impressed with my experience participating in the group distance healing sessions Eileen facilitated. I found her to be a master at holding safe space. Her way of explaining and sharing what she was doing, experiencing and how she was supporting each individual in the group to shift was magnificent. One of the main takeaways I have gained from listening to Eileen during these sessions was that the recurring patterns that show up and play themselves out over and over again in my life are not my fault. There is nothing wrong with me. They are simply energetic patterns and as such they repeat because that is the very nature of patterns in the natural world — until something interrupts them. Even though I intellectually “knew” this I still held a lot of shame around them and my inability to completely break free. Experiencing this work and hearing her say this repeatedly I now have such a greater capacity for self compassion, love and kindness toward myself and my unfolding.”     Melani Marx

“I can attest to a greater clarity overall, and I feel as though the fear is being shed by layers. I have been meeting resistance and watching it dissipate as I move through areas in which I would formerly procrastinate. I have found new courage in moving forward in my purpose and passion, speaking my truth in positive, clear and respectful ways and watch in amazement at what comes my way rather than “people please” as I used to do. It is also fascinating to see the connection between various physical body parts and the and the psychological or behavioral component. I will be continuing with the distance sessions as they are powerful, profound and life changing!”     JB

“As a long time student and receiver of Biofield Tuning, I find these group distance sessions to be excellent. They are uncannily personal and feel like a one on one session. They are also unique in that Eileen also offers “homework” with each session, work for the conscious mind to become more aware of its subconscious tendencies. As a learning tool they have been incredibly helpful, I recommend them for anyone who is interested in or currently practicing Biofield Tuning.”     Victoria Keen

“I loved this part (when we helped each other)– I immediately felt the oneness with the group and with life!. I’m not exaggerating. I’ve been reading your book and studying energy healing. It seemed to me during this healing things “clicked” for me. I always believed we are all connected, but somehow the healing drove this oneness feeling home. I saw how my hands connected to the universe, to my body and soul and how my feet connected to the earth. I really felt part of the matrix.  I also felt the energy more strongly when you said for us to put out intentions for everyone else. It’s as if it expanded my own healing.”      Monique Hitzman
LA Sound Healing


“Over the last year, I have attended 45 Biofield Tuning group sessions. Most of these sessions were done from a recording as the internet in my area is very sketchy.

Even though, these were done over the “ether” and as part of a large group; they were very profound and powerful and yet at the same time gentle and subtle. The healing was felt at all level – body, spirit, mind and soul.

It is very difficult to describe the experience and the energetic adjustment/attunement received. All I can say is that it was very effective. It was felt miles away, in a different country. Each sessions were very different from one another. At times, I could feel waves of energy undulating through me and other times it was more like statics moving in and around my energetic body.

As a result, I feel more balanced, less stressed and an overall well-being that I did not have before. There has been a lot of changes over the last year that are noticeable in my personality, behavioural patterns, energy levels, physical appearance and state of mind. I feel more grounded, calm and I have inner peace.

Recently, I was guided to revisit many of the sessions that I previously attended a year ago. To my amazement I felt a shift again and changes have started to occur again as if another layer was peeling off and lifting a veil of heavy energy that I had been carrying and was now ready to let go. So, even though you have done these sessions over the ether and a few month ago their energy is still very active, powerful and current at this point in my life.

Your work is extremely effective and I highly recommend it to all.”