Learn Biofield Tuning (sound balancing)

Biofield Tuning can be practiced as a stand alone modality or integrated into a wide variety of other methods.  Currently we have physicians, nurses, psychotherapists, physical therapists, chiropractors, massage therapists, Reiki practitioners, coaches and more utilizing this simple yet profound technique in their practices.​  Biofield Tuning classes are now taught throughout the United States and abroad.

As a prerequisite to attending class all prospective students must:

  • read the book “Tuning the Human Biofield” 
  • watch, at minimum, Video 1 of the instructional videos 
  • and spent time activating a tuning fork with a hockey puck

Please note that Eileen does not teach Level 1/Foundations classes in the US but does teach the Practitioners Training courses and all overseas Foundations classes. We have a team of excellent teachers who are teaching the Foundations classes. 


Biofield Tuning Foundations can be taken as a stand alone course for those who would like to integrate the use of tuning forks into their current professional practice, ie. massage therapy, and/or work on family and friends.  During this three-day course students will learn:

  • The premise of the Biofield Anatomy
  • The theory behind Biofield Tuning
  • Holding and activating tuning forks
  • Sensing into and working with resistance and distortion in the Biofield
  • How to conduct a basic Biofield Tuning session
  • Centering, Grounding and Breathing to keep yourself Neutral
  • and more

This course does not qualify you to practice Biofield Tuning as a Certified Practitioner.

To become a Certified Biofield Tuning Practitioner a student must participate in both the Foundations class and Practitioner Training with a minimum of 2 months and 20 documented practice sessions in between.

Practitioner Training is a five day intensive course which teaches the skills needed to receive certification and have the option to be listed on the “Find a Practitioner Page” of the Biofield Tuning Website (after completing post-class requirements). During this course students will review Foundations Material and learn:

  • Seated Chair Sessions
  • Sonic Meridian Flush
  • Distance Sessions
  • Working with bones & organs in Biofield Tuning
  • Relationship Sessions

Join the hundreds of students around the world who have discovered that Biofield Tuning is, in their own words, “the easiest, fastest, most effective modality…(they)…have ever trained in”.

***Space in each class is limited so sign-up early to guarantee a spot!***


All class deposits are transferrable, but non-refundable.  If a student cancels within 10 days prior to the beginning of class the deposit is forfeit, which means it is neither transferrable nor refundable.


 Where and When 2018

Biofield Tuning Foundations (Level 1)

Click on dates to learn more about each class. 2019 Dates coming soon!

San Diego, CA

  • November 30-December 2 (wait list)

Burlington, Vermont

  • October 19-21 (wait list)
  • November 2-4 (wait list)

Westboro, MA

  • October 24-26 (wait list)

Portland, OR

  • November 14-16 (wait list)

Asheville, North Carolina

  • November 16-18 (wait list)

Salt Lake City, Utah

  • November 8-10 (wait list)

Toronto, Canada

  • September 28-30 (wait list)

Malvern, England

  • November 5-7 (wait list)


2019 Classes

Salt Lake City, UT

Palm Springs, CA

  • January 11-13 (wait list)

San Diego, CA

Palo Alto, CA

  • February 1-3 (wait list)

Austin, TX

Asheville, NC

Alva, FL

  • March 22-24 (wait list)

Burlington, VT

2018 US Class Tuition: $750.  2019 US Class Tuition $895. Click on hyperlink of classes to pay deposit and register. Cost of International Foundations classes vary with location.

This does not include the tools for Biofield Tuning which are additional cost

All classes meet from 9-5 each day.

We will be adding more classes soon. To stay updated on these additions, please subscribe to our newsletter

Please email the biosonasales@gmail.com with any questions about US classes and to be added to waitlists. See Australia classes below.














Practitioner Training (combined Levels 2 and 3) 2018     $1795 ($1995 in 2019)
Taught by Eileen and 2 teachers

Burlington VT 

  • November 14-18 2018 (wait list)
  • May 15-19 2019 (wait list)

San Diego CA

  • December 5-9 2018 (wait list)
  • February 9-13, 2019 (wait list)
  • June 15-19, 2019

Palm Springs, CA

  • February 20-24 2019

Note – this is NOT Teacher Training. That is a separate course and is tentatively scheduled for April 2019


Biofield Tuning Level 4 ($795 in 2018 – $895 in 2019)

Must be a certified practitioner to attend.

San Diego, CA



Australian Classes

Biofield Tuning Level 113254593_10207794061663018_8256583101091265187_n

Brisbane, Qld

* March 9-11, 2019

Melbourne, Victoria

* Feb 16-18, 2019

Sydney, NSW

* Feb 22-24, 2019

Auckland, New Zealand

* March 23-25, 2019

Perth, WA

* June 15-17, 2019


Biofield Tuning Level 2

Brisbane, QLD

* May 11-13, 2019


Biofield Tuning Level 3

Brisbane, Qld

* June 20-22, 2019

Practitioner Training (Combined Levels 2 & 3)
Brisbane, Qld
*November 3-5, 2018 (Level 2)
*November 9-11, 2018 (Level 3)
Auckland, New Zealand
* March 29- April 2, 2019
Perth, WA
* June 21-25, 2019
Biofield Tuning Level 4
Brisbane, Qld
* December 1-3, 2018
Sydney, NSW
*November 26-28, 2018

Australian classes contact Toni Cross at biofieldaustralia@gmail.com


 Some Testimonials about Biofield Tuning Classes

What I enjoy about Eileen’s classes, is that she creates an environment where it’s easy to learn and practice Biofield Tuning. You also feel completely supported throughout your training. Additionally, I appreciate the research and physics that is used to explain how sound therapy helps to heal.
I have my own business for Empowerment & Life Coaching. I started integrating Biofield Tuning with some of my clients and have been amazed with the results. The key areas that we ended up targeting are listed below and also complimented what I have been working on with my clients in their coaching sessions.
Throat– Saw improvement with speaking their truth and advocating for themselves
Shoulders– Immediately helped to release the stress & weight of life’s burdens that can be carried in that area of the body
Lungs– Helped to release and lightened the weight of loss and sadness that can be found in that area of the body
Knees– Helped clients that are stuck in an area of their life to create movement forward and/or that it’s easier to move forward without any set backs
It’s very exciting and rewarding seeing the impact of integrating these 2 tools to help individuals heal, empower, and fully be present in their lives as they move forward to accomplish their goals! Due to my own personal experiences and the results I have experienced with my clients- I would highly recommend Biofield Tuning.         Kate Dreyfus

Eileen McKusick is a pioneer in sound therapy. She comes from a place of research, science, intuition, love, light and a great sense of humor. I have taken all three levels of classes and can’t recommend the Biofield Tuning modality enough. It is profound. If you are wanting to take your understanding of subtle energy to a deeper level I can’t think of a better way to do so than taking these truly life changing classes. I get regular distance tunings and am experiencing the upgrade that I feel that these sessions give me and am excited to begin my journey as a practitioner so I can help others to transmute and live a more complete existence. Thank you Eileen for your fierce and loving nature and your tireless work and research that you do in this field. You are a beautiful being that just keeps pushing the boundaries.   Minden Barrile


I have taken many classes and workshops over the last 20 years and Eileen’s Biofield Tuning classes have exceeded anything I have ever experienced. Each class level is amazing and well prepared and extremely thorough on the teaching process. You can’t experience anything like this in any other workshop.  It’s life changing.   Linda Rutledge


Eileen is the real deal — she’s got brains, compassion and insight. I have high standards for trainers and she’s at the top of the heap. She brings knowledge you can use right away, a gentle hand in offering technique corrections…and a fantastic sense of humor. Highly recommended.  Kathleen Moore


Yesterday I remarked to someone that Eileen McKusick is the best teacher I’ve ever had. And I’ve had a lot of teachers. What makes her the best is to know that she comes from a place of inclusiveness, and I feel completely at ease, not stressed out about “doing it wrong”. While Eileen has her own way, developing this work and her own practice, she is teaching us to find our own way, too. Her enthusiasm for Biofield Tuning, insistence and dedication in finding the “scientific proof” and language to describe what it is, leads us with great interest and freedom. Martha Orgain


My Level 1 through Level 3 Training was a close encounter with the terra incognita of the Human Biofield.  This was no less than an experience of a thousand lifetimes Everything I learned and continued to learn has been masterfully gleaned by Eileen McKusick in an over 20 year journey with the interface of the tuning fork and the Biofield.  Each Level is taught to the novice,in order to prepare one for an understanding and experiential format of practice.  Furthermore the student becomes immersed in a practicum in order to use the method effectively.  I use the method in a wide range of concerns. Both personally and professionally, my life is 180 degrees brighter and less cluttered from the personal use of Biofield Tuning.  As well my clients, friends and family are delighted to have been exposed to such a cutting edge method of wholeness.    Albert Garcia


Eileen is an amazing teacher, integrating her clinical findings and research and her intuitive knowledge about the work. She creates an amazing vessel of the class setting itself to support learning the work and really understanding the subtleties and nuances of Biofield Tuning. I am so glad to have made the choice to attend the class as there were so many elements that for me were a necessity to be present physically to fully integrate. As soon as I saw a video of Eileen on YouTube explaining Biofield Tuning, I knew I needed to learn about the work. I had received guidance that sound would be a key element in the work I was to do with clients. I already was working with hypnosis focused on past life regression in my practice, so Biofield Tuning was a natural fit working with sound as a tool to shift consciousness. Both within the process of working on fellow classmates and receiving the work itself allowed me to connect and observe the power of the technique. I was able to identify and shift the deepest parts of my being into greater alignment and peace. I feel great gratitude in being able to participate in this training that expands the leading edge of healing through sonic entrainment. I observed that most everyone in the class felt called on a deep level to take the course. To me this indicates the deep connection that the work speaks to our most innate nature. It was really wonderful to see how accessible the work is to learn and share. Eileen provided wonderful guidance on how to communicate with clients when intense information surfaces during sessions. I continue to see the shifts in my clients that receive the work, it’s so rewarding to provide a service that is so gentle, yet deeply powerful. It feels to me that this work has the potential to shift humanity into greater alignment to source. For me, that’s what it’s all about.  Andrew McIlrath


Great news!  I have to say that the forks have certainly added a notable advantage to accelerate healing for clients in my practice.  As you know I work with various methods of sound, Native American flute, singing bowls, rattles and drumming, and the forks have added a relatively quick method to clean up stuck energies from the field that have blocked or delayed the progress of healing in the body.  As a massage therapist and Reiki practitioner, this practice has been widely accepted by clients.  It is helpful that they also can “hear” the CHANGES in tones throughout the working session. Often just balancing the energy field relaxes them to a delta or theta state.  That in itself surprises them.  The relief of symptoms was a bonus.  Knowing what the body/mind /spirit dictates for the modality order in a session,  is also helpful.  That portion requires careful “listening”, by dowsing or mail slot.   Massage also is rarely providing the advanced results that the combination sessions provide to clients.  I just utilized multiple therapies to help a client find relief from a heated rash that over a month of antibiotics and Dr visits (without a diagnosis) couldn’t. The pain of this spreading rash was crippling to her. After working once with this client, rash gone!   Mail slot was instrumental for this one, as it was not her leg that she actually came to me for, but I was guided to begin with it, so I asked permission to do do and she was open to it.  I love this work, but even more I love to see how people can benefit from reconnecting to themselves.  I enjoyed my class with you and look forward to continue learning and witnessing sound in action.  Pam Bean

The Tuning the Human biofield course held in San Diego in February 2015 was a life affirming and life changing experience. The potential for healing with tuning forks is extraordinary and the results were clear and immediate. The course is a great blend of discussion and practical work all tied together by the good humor and integrity of Eileen who creates a calm and safe environment for learning and for letting go. Everyone is different, we all learn in different ways, we all see, hear and feel in different ways but Eileen was perfectly able to adapt to each persons preferred way of working and still achieve effective results. All of the course participants had that eureka moment as we realized that we could tune people too and you could actually see the release and lightening of the load in the participants as we each got a turn to be worked on by each other. I would highly recommend this course, it would be a great addition to any existing modality practiced or as a stand alone approach. Thank you Eileen McKusick!  Derek Peach
This is powerful work on so many levels. It speaks to the heart and soul of true healing by allowing us to release attachment to misunderstandings (emotional, mental, physical) that separate us from our own authenticity, power and connection to the Oneness which is always present within us. Eileen is a brilliant healer and teacher, as she guides by example within the principles of her teachings. Through relationship with Eileen, I am learning to be authentic, neutral and clear in my own field in order to hold the space, stay grounded and be the witness that simply offers “a leg up” for others to heal in the way they will. In this authentic neutrality, my perception grows and my intuition is opened. Then I can trust what I feel and use what I know. As I practice this beautiful healing art, I have come to realize that each person that rests on my table is there to be as much a witness to the process within me as healer, as I am to the unique process of healing within them. In this shared witnessing, we connect deeply and this is where miracles can and do happen.  Lori Rhoades

You can look online to find any kind of doctor who can treat you for any kind of physical ailment, but where do you go to heal your soul?  I have tried several forms of healing modalities with varying degrees of success.  I found Eileen McKusick In a most serendipitous way.  I am fully convinced that I was divinely led to her.  Emotional wounds can be burdensome, hurtful weights to carry; day after day, year after year, decade after decade.  I have had more success in my first two sessions of Biofield Tuning with Eileen than in all my years of searching for relief.  I no longer consider myself to be among the “Walking Wounded.”   I have been deeply healed and forever changed. 

After reading other testimonials about Eileen’s work it has been my personal experience that they are all completely accurate.   Eileen really is a pioneer in every sense of the word.  I am thoroughly convinced her name will be in the history books for her discovery and mapping of the Human Biofield Anatomy.  She is highly intelligent.  She can take the most complicated scientific theories for why she believes Biofield tuning works and translate these concepts in ways the average person can understand.  Through 18 years of really “listening” to her clients she has developed a sense of perception that is amazingly precise.  During her class she will help you find the confidence to listen to your own intuitive “mail slot.”  You will also find her to have a genuine compassion for the suffering of others.   

When you take the Biofield Tuning class, be prepared to meet some pretty amazing people.  I fell in love with my classmates on the very first day.  They were a beautiful group of people, each with their own lovely gifts and gems of wisdom, each with their own life lessons, and most importantly, each with a genuine desire to help others. What I love most about learning this modality is the knowledge that I am learning something that will allow me to help others in ways they never dared to hope that they could ever be helped. 

There is only one Eileen McKusick, yet so many people who are yearning for relief from their personal pain.  If you have the slightest inclination to learn this healing modality, then perhaps you too were divinely led here.  I strongly encourage you to listen to that inner voice.  I did, and my life will never be the same.  I am so blessed and grateful to have found Eileen.  How do you even begin to thank someone for healing your soul?  I am profoundly grateful.   Diana M.


Every family should have a member skilled in Eileen McKusick’s biofield tuning methods. If you’re the designated one, you won’t be disappointed to learn from this pioneering researcher. Eileen’s generosity and strength make the class informative and inspirational. She freely shares her knowledge in both demonstrations and hands-on practice. I feared I would not be able to hear, feel, or sense the biofield energies—until I had the amazing experience of holding that ringing fork in another person’s biofield, under Eileen’s supervision. I look forward to learning more from this wonderful and important teacher. I believe she is part of huge changes in the general perception of human energy biology, a forerunner who will help to change the way healing is practiced and perceived. I’m grateful to have “discovered” her work!      Lianne Downey