November Musings

I haven’t written a blog post in a while though I often am thinking of things I want to write – so this one is going to be a little smorgasbord of ideas. Here they are: Summary of Responses to … Continued

The Discoveries in the Half Steps

In Biofield Tuning, we work on the feet, knees, and then 7 major chakras. Having worked in these areas for years, I have learned that each area is a like a vibrational filing drawer, where different memories or states of … Continued

Eyesight Experiment Survey Data/Overview

In April of 2016 I conducted a free group tuning session on Improving Eyesight. 700 people registered for this particular experiment – of those I received 166 survey responses. Here is a summary of the numbers: How did you participate … Continued

Tuning the Bees

Last month, while I was in San Diego, taking a bath, right after conducting the last session of the adrenal rhythm reset series, the bees started talking to me. I was hanging slightly over the side of the tub, contemplating the … Continued