Free Intro Video - What is Sound Balancing? Who can make use of it? What does it treat?

Video 1Sound Balancing Basics: What’s it all about? Click, drag and drop,combing and columning, using intention, contraindications.  How to activate a tuning fork 16.30 minutes

Video 2Working with Specific Ailments: Pain and Anxiety  Specific approaches for different kinds of pain; finding anxiety source points in the biofield  17.41 minutes

Video 3Rhythmic Resets  Resetting adrenal and other organ and gland rhythms, treating PTSD, concussions and brain injuries, using focused listening   14.01 minutes

Video 4The Biofield Anatomy: A deeper look  Phenomenon we find in the field: traumatic birth, fixed limiting beliefs, mother and father zones, inherited distortions. Also, how to witness the story, how to incorporate crystals and stones  16.15 minutes

Video 5—Incorporating Sound Balancing into Other Modalities  Spot treatments, using essential oils, treating TMJ, sonic face and foot treatments   15.25 minutes

Each video is $9.99 or get all five for $49.95. The total running time of all videos is about 80 minutes.

Watch Videos On Demand

Video on-demand streaming provided by Vimeo. Your purchase includes 1 year of unlimited access. Broadband internet access is required, learn more here. Videos are also available on a DVD.

The products offered in the Biofield Tuning Store are for educational and training purposes only and are not intended as medical or psychological advice. Doing hands on training is required in order to practice Biofield Tuning as a stand-alone nonmedical/psychological therapeutic offering.  Please note that Biofield Tuning is not intended to be used to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent any medical problem or psychological disorder nor is Biofield Tuning a substitute for seeking professional health care advice and services

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Tuning Forks

Please note: we can currently only process orders shipped to US addresses through this website. To place an order to another country, please email to place order. Payment can be made via credit card or PayPal.

Deluxe Toolkit


All the tools you need for Biofield Tuning

The 4 basic forks - 2 weighted and 2 unweighted- DVD 1, hockey puck, and the book

The basic tools minus the book

417x Hz Unweighted Tuning Fork

Sonic Slider


Sonic Slider for face and body rejuvenation and relaxation

Our unweighted tuning forks are precision crafted and manufactured from a superior alloy to regular tuning forks. They have been specially designed and created to stand up to the sound balancing process which puts forks in distortion and creates stress on them. They are more expensive than other forks but will last longer and maintain their coherence and integrity which is essential for effectiveness in sound balancing.

Our weighted forks are based on the Schumann Resonance (7.83Hz) and are the 7th and 8th harmonic of this important frequency. They can be used separately, or together to create a binaural beat of 7.83Hz that can be applied to the body via the handles or listened to in either ear. If you would like just one fork, the 62.64 Hz is recommended.

DVD 2, Pendulum, 417 Hz Fork, Laminated map card

Hockey Puck


All hockey pucks are not created equal! We have tried many brands and found (no surprise here) that the Canadians make the best hockey pucks. These Viceroy pucks are a high quality rubber that produces the best tones for your forks when used as an activator.

This is the same instructional video series available streaming on Vimeo. About 80 minutes of instruction on a variety of techniques used in Biofield Tuning. Free shipping on this item if purchased by itself.

This 100+ minute compilation includes some clarifications and refinements of Volume 1 along with lots of new information

Volume 1 and 2 Instructional DVDs

Large full color map of the Biofield Anatomy in heavy duty paper.

Laminated front and back map of Biofield Anatomy

Buy the Book

2015 Nautilus Book Award Winner ! “Tuning the Human Biofield is a superb introduction to the human energy field and its modification by sound vibrations. McKusick’s book is a highly valuable resource for patients and practitioners alike.” (Gary E. Schwartz, Ph.D., professor of medicine, University of Arizona)