Nourish Vermont  Saturday June 3, Shelburne VT

The Electric Universe, Syntropy and Your Wave Sense

What if what you believed about the fundamental nature of life, the universe and everything has actually been limited, and that limitedness has been having a non beneficial impact on your health and well-being​?

In this talk, we will explore concepts you might not have been exposed to yet that can change the whole way you look at the world. Frontier researcher Eileen McKusick, MA will introduce Electric Universe Theory, a whole new cosmology that challenges Big Bang Theory; Syntropy, the opposite force of entropy; and microtubules, the antennae on your cell membranes that receive and transmit vibrational information.


The Science of Consciousness  June 5-10,  La Jolla CA

Applying the Scientific Method to the Biofield Anatomy Hypothesis
Lecture Friday June 9 at 5pm


Society for Scientific Exploration Conference  June 14-17, Yale University New Haven CT

Therapeutic Sound and the Human Biofield


Electric Universe Conference  August 17-20, Phoenix AZ

Human Bioelectricity and the EU Model


Your Destiny Beyond Your DNA October 23-27, Kripalu Stockbridge MA

Energenetics: The Tone of the Song of our DNA, and how we can modulate it with targeted sound inputs


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